Become a ‘Be Kind’ Member

In 2021 we saw an overwhelming demand from schools wanting to get involved in the ‘Be Kind’ movement. This year, to actively engage these schools, we have developed a ‘Be Kind’ membership scheme. The scheme is designed to engage the student body in acts of selfless compassion and generosity with the introduction of our new members’ only kindness challenges. Challenges are set once per term with different themes and all entries are considered for our new ‘Kindness Challenge’ award. For just £300 members will be provided with the necessary tools and support to promote the term challenge and encourage a focus on being kind.


Why become a member?

Promoting kindness within your school in such a direct way has profound benefits. A positive and respectful culture promotes better learning as an increase in confidence, happiness and optimism shine through. Students that have experienced acts of kindness may be encouraged to replicate the behaviour outside of the school environment, impacting the wider community too. Members will also be able to actively demonstrate with example to bodies such as Ofsted that they are creating a kind and positive environment where bullying, peer-on-peer abuse or discrimination are not tolerated.

 Your registration includes:
  • An assembly plan for each half term covering the new ‘kindness challenge’ and the benefits of treating each other with affection and compassion
  • Automatic entrance into our ‘Kindness Challenge Star’ award category, with finalists having the chance to attend the be kind awards ceremony
  • Rewards for your schools ‘Kindness Challenge’ winners, inclusive of stationery, badges, mugs, stickers and more
  • A ‘Be Kind’ membership logo to display proudly online and in print marketing material

*Annual membership fee of £300 per school applies*

  • We require all of our members to sign a declaration of intent, affirming their commitment to encouraging kindness 
  • Open to UK primary and secondary schools (mainstream and SEN)


Membership Application

An application to become a 'Be Kind' member school
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